Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rib U 2

Happy St Patrick's Day from all of us at   The Captain's Quarters Inn.   Lots going on here at the Inn. This weekend we have a great group of people for our Mystery Weekend, Everyone is out looking for clues throughout the village on this wonderful mid 70's day and Chef Diane is prepping for a festive meal tonight. Wiley and Daisy are busy running from window to window chasing birds and squirrels and Max is getting ready for his run. I am also setting up the Pit area for our RIB U 2 Class that is starting on Monday March 19th and is running until October 30th. We sold about 150 Rub U 2 packages with Living Social and so many more people have called to say that they missed out that we have opened up some more dates and I gave LS 100 more packages to sell, They will go on sale this Monday the 19th of March for 8 days. So don't miss out. Enjoy your weekend. Don